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Ebola in Monrovia for VICE News:










“Life and Death” at Ricco Maresca Gallery July 10- Sept 13.









VICE has aired my latest film with Robert Young Pelton:

  Vice Magazine’s online version of  “Saving South Sudan”     A nice write up from Poynter          My show “Cowboy Capitalists” has topped 1/2 million views on Youtube in less than a week. Wow.


VICE is at it again. This time they allow me to natter on for an hour:       “The forgotten refugees of South-East-Europe”for Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Time and Venue:
6th June 2013, 11.00 am
at the German Parliament (“Paul-Löbe-Haus”), Berlin
Chief guests:
Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Thierse, Vice President of the German Parliament
Mitja Drobni, EU-Ambassador in Montenegro
Christian Schmidt, Help-Board Member / State Secretary of Defense Ministry

Vice and Dos Equis think I’m interesting:
Yirol at the Chicago Expo 20-23 September:













Yirol at The Armory Show 8-11 March 2012:














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George Clooney in South Sudan:

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Washington Post

Global Post

Not On Our Watch


Sudan Now



Mai Mai rebels in Eastern Congo:

VICE Magazine

Dinka Cowboys:

VICE Magazine

High altitude marathoners in Kenya:

Times London/Sunday Eureka Magazine